Fleadom’s Children


Fleadom's Children 1st 7-single and Pop Gear article

Fleadom's Children 1st 7-single and Pop Gear article

“With Forrest handling production duties, Freedom’s Children entered the studios that summer and proceeded to lay down four tracks in one session. Understandably, the label went with what it thought were the two strongest cuts for the band’s debut single, issued towards the end of 1967. On the a-side was a raw cover of Tony Colton and Ray Smith’s “The Coffee Song”, which Cream had also recorded, initially for inclusion on their debut album Fresh Cream. Nestled on the flip, meanwhile, was the band’s tribute to The Rolling Stones, a bristling version of “Satisfaction” with a heavy guitar work out courtesy of Laxton and Henson. A rare outing at the time, the single is now almost impossible to find but fortunately both sides have recently turned up as bonus tracks on Fresh Music’s digitally remastered Astra CD.

Aficionados of the band, however, are still waiting to hear the two remaining tracks from that session, which were duly rounded up for the group’s second Troubadour single, issued a few months later. Credited again to Fleadom’s Children, the single comprises an outstanding version of The Yardbirds’ “Mr, You’re A Better Man Than I” (composed, incidentally, by Mike Hugg of fellow South African, Manfred Mann’s group) backed by a cover of The Fleur De Lys’ “Mud In Your Eye”. While the a-side was a relatively well known number (and later covered by dozens of bands, most notably The Sons of Adam in California), the flip seemed an unusual choice, especially as The Fleur De Lys were hardly household names.” (Source: Nick Warburton) 

Billy Forrest wrote on 27 March 2012:

I remember recording all four tracks but whether the second single was ever released slips my mind. Gallo Archive would have it because Trutone bought Troubadour around 1970 and that purchase included the entire Troubadour Catalogue.

MVFB comment: We believe all the Troubadour tapes were ‘dumped’ after the Gallo take-over.

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