Billy Forrest – the living legend! (part one: 1961 – 1966)

Billy Forrest

Billy Forrest

Billy Forrest

Billy Forrest

Malcolm Lombard wrote the following about this formidable artist who made his first recording exactly 50 YEARS ago:

“Tenacity, determination, perseverance, an uncompromising stickler on quality, sheer guts and, not least of all, loads of talent have made Billy Forrest a living legend in the South African music industry. An unparalleled 17 chart entries on Springbok Radio’s Top 20 … compares favourably to a select few of the world’s top recording artists. His versatility as a hit-making producer of some of our country’s biggest successes, too, is legendary. One cannot but respect the man. Sustained success over a period of 50 years is seldom achieved by any artist – local or international!”

Billy, Adrian Strydom, Bobby Angel and John Linderman are currently (2011) working on a CD project involving an overseas artist, but let’s go back to 1961 when Billy started his recording career. We sincerely hope this overview of Billy’s career as a singer and a producer will convince SAMA officials that a special award for this Legend’s contribution to SA music is long overdue. What do you say??

Meet The Giants

Meet The Giants

HMV 1961 : Billy Forrest and the Giants


1. Dark lonely street / My heart and I (78 rpm)


1. Meet the Giants

Little Archie And The Twisters

Little Archie And The Twisters

CONTINENTAL 1962 : Billy Forrest with Little Archie and the Twisters


1. Don’t knock upon my door
2. Comin’ up in the world
3. Forty days


1. Twistin’ wild (also featuring Bobby Angel/other)

Extended Play Single

‘Silva Bera and Billy Forrest with Arch Hunter & His Combo at Archies’, recorded  8 May 1962

Your eyes say kiss me  (Silva Bera)

Last date  (Arch Hunter)

My love for you  (Billy Forrest)

Wheels  (Arch Hunter)

CONTINENTAL 1963: Billy Forrest with the Arch Hunter Combo


1. Dancin’ shoes
2. Somebody’s smiling
3. Little Dutch village (unissued)

Come Back To Me

Come Back To Me

CONTINENTAL 1963: Billy Forrest – solo


1. It might as well rain until September


1. Come back to me (Gallotone label)

RENOWN 1963: Billy Forrest and the Veterans


1. Cross my heart

Billy Forrest – Solo (1963 – 1966)


1. 500 Miles
2. Miller’s cave
3. Burning bridges
4. Hello operator (#1 hit   on Springbok Radio Top 20)
5. Wrong number
6. Seven letters
7. Wind me up (let me go)
8. Looking back
9. Still
10. Lonelyville


1. Billy Forrest
2. Seven letters

To be continued……

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One thought on “Billy Forrest – the living legend! (part one: 1961 – 1966)

  1. Peter cornthwaite

    Willy as he was known to us that is Peter cornthwaite and Ray Verran was part of our group we always ended up in greenside in a Cafe where Willy would always end up singing for us his Elvis Presley impersonations and Elvis songs were great i am so glad that you have been so succesfull if you get this Message it would be great to hear from you my contact address I now live in Port Talbot West Glamorgan Wales United Kingdom Best Regards Peter Cornthwaite Raymond was My cousin

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