Billy Forrest Career Timeline: 1961 – 2011 (part two: 1966 – 1990)

The Dream Merchants

The Dream Merchants

The Dream Merchants (1966 – 1969 & 1987)

1. Love minus zero
2. Time and the river
3. The Rattler / Don’t be proud
4. The Rattler / I’ll be with you in apple blossom time (UK/US release)
5. Temptation
6. Hang on to a dream
7. I’m gonna love you
8. Dream on


1. Predictions and things
2. Hang on to a dream
3. Dream on

Sad Simon Lives Again

Sad Simon Lives Again

Quentin E Klopjaeger(1968 – 1972)

1. Lazy life
2. Lover’s lane Wednesday
3. Toyland
4. Melody fayre
5. Weather man
6. Abergavenny
7. Jenifer Tomkins
8. We’re all playing in the same band
9. Give me that pistol
10. Water it down


1. Sad Simon lives again
2. Fantasy

Billy Forrest – solo (1967 – 1988)

1. Hello lover
2. My own true love
3. First love never dies
4. Little little Lulu
5. Jody and the kid
6. Hello-A
7. The ceremony
8. I am what I am
9. I hear those churchbells ringing
10. Liefde is my nooi se naam
11. Hallo lief

sheet music (Gee my jou hand ‘b’ side of Hallo lief)

sheet music (Gee my jou hand ‘b’ side of Hallo lief)

12. Net ‘n soewenier
13. Verlore liefde
14. Oh Rosanna
15. For the first time
16. Our sweet precious love
17. This house runs on sunshine
18. Wys die weg
19. Oor veld en vlaktes
20. How lonely are you bein’
21. Looking for a feeling
22. Evangiline
23. Looking for a feeling
24. Rosa lief
25. The loquat tree
26. Jy alleen
27. Mammy
28. She can’t say that anymore
29. I loved ’em everyone
30. Are we in love
31. Nice ‘n easy


1. Running gun
2. Hello-A
3. Do you love me
4. Liefde is my nooi se naam
5. Lookin’ for a feeling
6. Rosa lief
7. My kinda country
8. Wings of a dove
9. Whispering hope
10. Billy Forrest and friends
11. Waters of life
12. Country’s greatest hits

Candid Camera (1968)



UK Psychedelic Music and Billy Forrest

CD: The Dream Of Michael Angelo – The 23rd Turnoff

“Although this 21-track compilation is credited to the 23rd Turnoff, in fact it’s a combination of recordings by the Kirkbys, the mid-’60s Merseybeat group led by Jimmy Campbell, and the 23rd Turnoff, the more psychedelic band they evolved into in 1967. It reveals Campbell as perhaps the most unheralded talent to come out of the Liverpool ’60s rock scene, as he was a songwriter capable of both spinning out engaging Merseybeat and — unlike almost every other artist from the city, with the notable exception of the Beatles — making the transition to quality, dreamy psychedelia. …….. “Michael Angelo,” the A-side of the sole 23rd Turnoff single, is certainly the highlight, and indeed a highlight of 1967 British psychedelia as a whole in its hazy bittersweet swirl; you also get not one, but two unreleased studio versions of the same tune as well. It seems as if Campbell needed just a bit more encouragement, and his groups just a little more studio time, to develop into a notable British psychedelic group ……………”


Comment:The classic Michael Angelo was covered by a South African studio outfit ‘Candid Camera’ and issued on the Scepter label in 1968. The vocalist was none other than William Boardman – Billy Forrest – Quentin E Klopjaeger – William E!  Benjy Mudie likes it too, and we are crossing our fingers that the ‘Candid Camera’ version will feature on the next Retro Fresh ‘Astral Days’ cd compilation.

Billy Forrest wrote: “Wow! You’ve come up with something I have completely forgotten about. Could you send me a MP3, I’m sure I will be able to work out the who’s and what’s. I think it was a ‘studio’ thing and that Candid Camera was kinda made up.”

Discographical Information – 7 single 

Michaelangelo (note spelling)/I need you, Scepter Records, SCE 755, 1968 (Billy Forrest Production)



Dennis (1971)


1. Joey, the lipstick collector

William E (1971 – 1973)


1. Papa’s gonna kiss it better
2. It miek
3. Lovely Lorraine
4. Sing-a-song


1. Papa’s gonna kiss it better
2. Lovely Lorraine

Over The Hillbillies (1989 – 1992)


1. Friends forever
2. OTH
3. Dance with me darlin’

To be continued……

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