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Billy Forrest Career Timeline 1961 – 2011 (Top 20, 1982)

Top 20 Magazine - founded/edited by Billy Forrest, 1982

Top 20 Magazine - founded/edited by Billy Forrest, 1982

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Billy Forrest Career Timeline 1961 – 2011 (Top 40, 1986)

In 1966 Billy Forrest launched a music magazine called Pop Gear SA with the main purpose of promoting South African artists. In the eighties he was back with the very successful TOP 20 which he part-owned and edited for two years, before launching Top 40 with Joe Theron in 1985.
Top 40 Front Cover

Top 40 Front Cover

Trevor Rabin - from Houghton to L.A.

Trevor Rabin - from Houghton to L.A.

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Pop Gear SA, Vol 1, no 8, August 1966

In 1966 Billy launched a Music Magazine called POP GEAR SA with the main purpose of promoting South African artists and it featured only South African artists on the front cover : The Bats / Jody Wayne / Emil Dean Zoghby / John Sharpe & The Squires / The 004s / other

Jody Wayne on cover of Pop Gear, August 1966

Jody Wayne on cover of Pop Gear, August 1966

Pop Gear, page 3

Pop Gear, page 3

Pop Gear, p 19 : Leemen Hit Despite Ban
Leemen Ltd

Leemen Ltd

Leeman Ltd. - Under My Thumb

Leeman Ltd. - Under My Thumb

(All scans provided by Billy Forrest)
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Billy Forrest – the living legend! (part one: 1961 – 1966)

Billy Forrest

Billy Forrest

Billy Forrest

Billy Forrest

Malcolm Lombard wrote the following about this formidable artist who made his first recording exactly 50 YEARS ago:

“Tenacity, determination, perseverance, an uncompromising stickler on quality, sheer guts and, not least of all, loads of talent have made Billy Forrest a living legend in the South African music industry. An unparalleled 17 chart entries on Springbok Radio’s Top 20 … compares favourably to a select few of the world’s top recording artists. His versatility as a hit-making producer of some of our country’s biggest successes, too, is legendary. One cannot but respect the man. Sustained success over a period of 50 years is seldom achieved by any artist – local or international!”

Billy, Adrian Strydom, Bobby Angel and John Linderman are currently (2011) working on a CD project involving an overseas artist, but let’s go back to 1961 when Billy started his recording career. We sincerely hope this overview of Billy’s career as a singer and a producer will convince SAMA officials that a special award for this Legend’s contribution to SA music is long overdue. What do you say??

Meet The Giants

Meet The Giants

HMV 1961 : Billy Forrest and the Giants


1. Dark lonely street / My heart and I (78 rpm)


1. Meet the Giants

Little Archie And The Twisters

Little Archie And The Twisters

CONTINENTAL 1962 : Billy Forrest with Little Archie and the Twisters


1. Don’t knock upon my door
2. Comin’ up in the world
3. Forty days


1. Twistin’ wild (also featuring Bobby Angel/other)

Extended Play Single

‘Silva Bera and Billy Forrest with Arch Hunter & His Combo at Archies’, recorded  8 May 1962

Your eyes say kiss me  (Silva Bera)

Last date  (Arch Hunter)

My love for you  (Billy Forrest)

Wheels  (Arch Hunter)

CONTINENTAL 1963: Billy Forrest with the Arch Hunter Combo


1. Dancin’ shoes
2. Somebody’s smiling
3. Little Dutch village (unissued)

Come Back To Me

Come Back To Me

CONTINENTAL 1963: Billy Forrest – solo


1. It might as well rain until September


1. Come back to me (Gallotone label)

RENOWN 1963: Billy Forrest and the Veterans


1. Cross my heart

Billy Forrest – Solo (1963 – 1966)


1. 500 Miles
2. Miller’s cave
3. Burning bridges
4. Hello operator (#1 hit   on Springbok Radio Top 20)
5. Wrong number
6. Seven letters
7. Wind me up (let me go)
8. Looking back
9. Still
10. Lonelyville


1. Billy Forrest
2. Seven letters

To be continued……

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Billy Forrest Career Timeline: 1961 – 2011 (part two: 1966 – 1990)

The Dream Merchants

The Dream Merchants

The Dream Merchants (1966 – 1969 & 1987)

1. Love minus zero
2. Time and the river
3. The Rattler / Don’t be proud
4. The Rattler / I’ll be with you in apple blossom time (UK/US release)
5. Temptation
6. Hang on to a dream
7. I’m gonna love you
8. Dream on


1. Predictions and things
2. Hang on to a dream
3. Dream on

Sad Simon Lives Again

Sad Simon Lives Again

Quentin E Klopjaeger(1968 – 1972)

1. Lazy life
2. Lover’s lane Wednesday
3. Toyland
4. Melody fayre
5. Weather man
6. Abergavenny
7. Jenifer Tomkins
8. We’re all playing in the same band
9. Give me that pistol
10. Water it down


1. Sad Simon lives again
2. Fantasy

Billy Forrest – solo (1967 – 1988)

1. Hello lover
2. My own true love
3. First love never dies
4. Little little Lulu
5. Jody and the kid
6. Hello-A
7. The ceremony
8. I am what I am
9. I hear those churchbells ringing
10. Liefde is my nooi se naam
11. Hallo lief

sheet music (Gee my jou hand ‘b’ side of Hallo lief)

sheet music (Gee my jou hand ‘b’ side of Hallo lief)

12. Net ‘n soewenier
13. Verlore liefde
14. Oh Rosanna
15. For the first time
16. Our sweet precious love
17. This house runs on sunshine
18. Wys die weg
19. Oor veld en vlaktes
20. How lonely are you bein’
21. Looking for a feeling
22. Evangiline
23. Looking for a feeling
24. Rosa lief
25. The loquat tree
26. Jy alleen
27. Mammy
28. She can’t say that anymore
29. I loved ’em everyone
30. Are we in love
31. Nice ‘n easy


1. Running gun
2. Hello-A
3. Do you love me
4. Liefde is my nooi se naam
5. Lookin’ for a feeling
6. Rosa lief
7. My kinda country
8. Wings of a dove
9. Whispering hope
10. Billy Forrest and friends
11. Waters of life
12. Country’s greatest hits

Candid Camera (1968)



UK Psychedelic Music and Billy Forrest

CD: The Dream Of Michael Angelo – The 23rd Turnoff

“Although this 21-track compilation is credited to the 23rd Turnoff, in fact it’s a combination of recordings by the Kirkbys, the mid-’60s Merseybeat group led by Jimmy Campbell, and the 23rd Turnoff, the more psychedelic band they evolved into in 1967. It reveals Campbell as perhaps the most unheralded talent to come out of the Liverpool ’60s rock scene, as he was a songwriter capable of both spinning out engaging Merseybeat and — unlike almost every other artist from the city, with the notable exception of the Beatles — making the transition to quality, dreamy psychedelia. …….. “Michael Angelo,” the A-side of the sole 23rd Turnoff single, is certainly the highlight, and indeed a highlight of 1967 British psychedelia as a whole in its hazy bittersweet swirl; you also get not one, but two unreleased studio versions of the same tune as well. It seems as if Campbell needed just a bit more encouragement, and his groups just a little more studio time, to develop into a notable British psychedelic group ……………”


Comment:The classic Michael Angelo was covered by a South African studio outfit ‘Candid Camera’ and issued on the Scepter label in 1968. The vocalist was none other than William Boardman – Billy Forrest – Quentin E Klopjaeger – William E!  Benjy Mudie likes it too, and we are crossing our fingers that the ‘Candid Camera’ version will feature on the next Retro Fresh ‘Astral Days’ cd compilation.

Billy Forrest wrote: “Wow! You’ve come up with something I have completely forgotten about. Could you send me a MP3, I’m sure I will be able to work out the who’s and what’s. I think it was a ‘studio’ thing and that Candid Camera was kinda made up.”

Discographical Information – 7 single 

Michaelangelo (note spelling)/I need you, Scepter Records, SCE 755, 1968 (Billy Forrest Production)



Dennis (1971)


1. Joey, the lipstick collector

William E (1971 – 1973)


1. Papa’s gonna kiss it better
2. It miek
3. Lovely Lorraine
4. Sing-a-song


1. Papa’s gonna kiss it better
2. Lovely Lorraine

Over The Hillbillies (1989 – 1992)


1. Friends forever
2. OTH
3. Dance with me darlin’

To be continued……

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Billy Forrest Career Timeline: 1961 – 2011 (part three: 1991 – 2009)

Lazy Life

Lazy Life

Billy Forrest

Billy Forrest

Billy Forrest Recordings – Compact Discs

1991:  Predictions and Things – The Dream Merchants (CD re-issue)

1993:  Zingoma Zokuthandana – Billy Forrest

 1994:  Tiny Bubbles – Billy Forrest

1996:  Greatest Hits – Billy Forrest

1996:  Reflections – Billy Forrest

1996:  Still – Billy Forrest

 2000:  Dream On – Billy Forrest

2000: Lazy Life (afro/jazz/calypso – versions) – Billy Forrest

2001:  Country Magic – Billy Forrest

2002 : Songs Of Faith, Hope & Love – Billy Forrest & Joanna Field

2007 : The Long Black Train – Billy Forrest

2008 : Go With Me – Billy Forrest

2009 : The Hits Of Foster & Allen – Billy Forrest & Bobby Angel

Billy Forrest Recordings – DVD

2005: Toeka 2 (with Steve Hofmeyr)

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Billy Forrest Career Timeline: 1961 – 2011 (part four)

One of South Africa’s most successful record producers

 I am stunned at just how much recording I did in those days, it was endless, 24/7 stuff, what a privilege to have been a pioneer and fore-runner to today’s music scene.  – Billy Forrest

Billy Forrest:  Record Productions

1965 – 2011

500 miles – Mel and Mel 1966

Satisfaction – Fleadom’s Children 1967

“Equally bizarre was an objection by the SABC to the name Freedom’s Children right at the beginning of the band’s career, with the national broadcaster objecting to the use of the word “Freedom”. Only when they changed the name to Fleadom’s Children”, used on several early 7-single releases, were the SABC’s policies satisfied.” – Raymond Joseph

Happiness makers – Those 5 plus One

Under my beach umbrella – Dale

Tomboy – Jack Hertz

Jumbo – Ronnie Cline’s Expression

Hey Mr Dreamer – Pat Gregory

I – The  Goldfingers 1968

Guess who – The Goldfingers

Wonderful world – The Mad Munks

The day has gone – Dusty and the Sandstorms

Take time to know her – The Tremors

You’ve got me humming – The Mad Munks

Down in the valley – Birds of a Feather

Love is a beautiful song – Birds of a feather

Fire – The Third Eye

Fire - Third Eye

Fire – Third Eye

Billy Forrest: ” Yes! I think Polydor (Gallo) was a bit slow and we jumped the gun on them, the song suited Third Eye perfectly! I think Gallo was a bit nervous of Brown’s almost satanic image! ” (May 2013)

In every single way – The Syndicate

I’ll say goodbye – John Berks

Chapel of dreams – The Invaders

Cry to me - The Staccatos

Cry to me – The Staccatos

Cry to me – The Staccatos (SA/Germany/France/ USA) 1969 /1970

When something is wrong with my baby – The Staccatos

Turn around – Ken J Larkin

I am you, you are me – Beau Brummell

A girl like you – Dunny and the Showmen

Hey diddle diddle – The Rising Sons

Can’t you see me cry – Dunny and the Showmen

And the feeling goes – Dunny Browne and the Showmen

Does anybody miss me – Ken J Larkin

Proud Mary – The Rising Sons

My own true love – Wanda Arletti

Valley of sadness – Third Eye

Guess who – The Invaders

Glide greatly – Sounds Reason

Hold on to what you’ve got – The Staccatos

Finger in my eye – The Hoochie Coochies

Katrina’s Theme – Jill Kirkland

Katrina's Theme

Katrina’s Theme

Give me more – Mick Jade 1970

She’s gone – Ken J Larkin

If I come home – The Rising Sons

Why can’t it rain – McCully Workshop INC

I shall be released – The Staccatos (also USA)

Tchaikovsky 1 – Omega Ltd

Grieg I – Omega Ltd

Cry bluebird cry – The Rising Sons

What’s wrong with you – The Invaders

Both sides now – Steve Lonsdale

I shall be released – The Staccatos

Venus – The Shocking Pink

Zanzibar – Wanda Arletti

Born on the bayou – The Invaders

Riding on a red bus – Browne

Older women – Georgie Dee

Stand up for the lady – The Rising Sons

Yes it’s real – Omega Ltd 1971

Candy  – The Neighbourhood

I wanna go back – Mick Jade

The seagull’s name was Nelson – Des and Dawn Lindberg

The circle game – Des and Dawn Lindberg

Rifleman – This Side Up

Down down – Humphrey

Papa’s gonna kiss it better – William E

Long long love – Granville Pillar

A place to cry – Barbara Peters

Kentucky hill – The Collection

I wanna go back – Mick Jade

Joey the lipstick collector – Dennis

Cool aid – Hennie Bekker

I’ve seen all good people – Shades of Green 1972

Hold your head up – The Bats

Keep it in the family – The Dominos

I’m in love with the world – Jenny Kantan

Theme for a new love – Quinsey 1973

Cinnamon girl – The Staccatos

A friend – Judy Page

One God – Eve Boswell

Hit ’em in the head with love – Judy Page

Mama Tembu’s wedding – Ipi ‘n Tombia

Hey girl – Louis Geldenhuys

Free State Farmer From Blomkoolskool (a) – Oom Gert Ockert & Sonita Rabinowitz

Tiptoe thru’ the tulips (b) – Wouter Marais & Charles Teller

Phata phata – Ipi’n Tombia 1974

Imyeneni – Ipi ‘n Tombia

Nickel song – Sharon Tandy

Bobby bobbejaan – Luther en Beryl Maartens

Back in my buggy – Neil Reid (Scotland)

Baby baby – Africa 1975

Woman – Dee Dee

Anneline – Let’s live together 1976

I believe in you – Sharon Tandy/Graham Clarke

My man (a sweet man) – Sharon Tandy

Hotel California – Steve Lonsdale

Welcome home – Harvest

I wanna give you tomorrow – Sharon Tandy and Graham Clarke 1978

Ride safe – Matt Hurter 1980

Bang bang – Sharon Tandy 1981

We’ve got to strive to survive – Sandra van der Merwe 1985


 Spin Me – Troubadour Sampler 1968


 Hear and now – The Staccatos 1968

One more time! – The Invaders

He was a friend of mine – The Staccatos

Glide greatly – Sound Reason

Sock it to you – The Hoochie Coochies

Awakening – The Third Eye – 1969

Volume Two – The Rising Sons 1970

Hard to handle – Steve Lonsdale

McCully Workshop INC – McCully Workshop

Billy Forrest was the “top guy” at the time and was appointed as producer. He had recently had chart success with The Staccatos ‘Cry To Me’ and many others including The Dream Merchants and Quentin E Klopjaeger (one of his many pseudonyms).

Tully [McCully] remembers Forrest’s catchphrase at the time was “could happen”. – Brian Currin, 2009

Searching – The Third Eye

‘Browne’ – Browne

Love is all – Ken J Larkin,

Mixed bag – The Rising Sons

‘Humphrey’ – Humphey 1971

Des & Dawn Lindberg

Turn on – Hennie Bekker

Ron Eliran (Israeli Star)

Gert Potgieter

Los Amigo Du Paraguay (South American Group)

The Warrior – Ipi’n Tombia 1973

Christmas with Mimi – Mimi Coertse

Songs I love – Mimi Coertse

High Voltage – Live Current

Portrait – Judy Page

Ipi Tombi – Original cast recording 1975

Ipi Tombi – Music from the stage production (UK)

‘Africa’ – Africa

Reggae Too!

Ipi Tombi – Dance party

Lulu – Wena (A rhapsody in black) 1976


 Super-Sonic 68 – Ricky Pelling (Cover design & liner notes) 1968

 CD Albums

2003:  Back To Bapsfontein – Various Artists

2007:  Angel Swings Sinatra – Bobby Angel

2008:  Somebody Like You – Bobby Angel

2009:  In My Drome – Cheree

2010:  Nat Agter Die Ore – Daniel Hoffmann

2010:  I Believe – Bobby Angel.

2010:  For your precious love – Kurt Darren

2010:  Rapport Bapsfontein Country Legends – Various Artists

2011:  Work in progress

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